PHENOMENON – France is completely Gaga

Lady Gaga has just finished a series of three special concerts in France. With only one album, the New York born singer with her extravagant look has already an unparalleled influence in the world of music. But how to explain this success?

_52310303_gaga976x549Beautiful Dirty Rich, Just Dance, Eh eh, Poker Face, Paparazzi, Speechless, Bad Romance, Telephone, seven songs, seven planetary hits. At only 24 years of age, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, her real name, has sold nearly 11 million copies of her album The Fame and The Fame Monster, a new enhanced edition of the album debuted in 2009. The singer, a real showgirl, ignited the stage of Paris-Bercy Friday and Saturday. Then in Strasbourg yesterday. Her French fans can rest assured, she will return to France on 22nd of October in Paris-Bercy and 2nd of December in Lyon. If it is almost unimaginable today to escaped from the Gagamania, two years ago, the young artist was unknown to the public.

Recipe for Success
Distinguished pianist, composer since the age of 13, Lady Gaga writes all of her lyrics and melodies. Tinged pop and dance sounds inviting clubbers to the dance floor, the music of the New York blonde has nothing revolutionary. This is her crazy and over the top universe that has convinced the public. With her outfits and hairstyles, one more extravagant than the other, Lady Gaga makes of each of her public appearances a real fashion show, an ingenious way to draw public attention to those who scoured the bars of the Big Apple, before being spotted by Akon. “She has an ability to renew herself which is quite impressive. People do not have time to get used to her and therefore they don’t get bored or move on”, said Guénaël Geay, international marketing director of Polydor (Universal). Real fashionista and trendsetter, the artist is advised by her own group of stylists and designers called “Haus of Gaga”. No paparazzi has ever managed to take her picture without all her glory on.

A high-profile outsider
Lady Gaga knows how to deal with media like a pro. Superstar, the singer remains a mystery. The young woman stirs passions and rumors. Is she a man, a woman, a hermaphrodite? Lesbian or straight? Transsexual perhaps? The gay icon, who could dethrone Madonna, doesn’t care about gossips. Instead, she plays with it. Lady Gaga wants to crush the stereotypes and make her music a means of emancipation for all her fans that she affectionately nicknamed her “little monsters”. “Love yourself, be who you are” is the message that she highlights in her music. Bullied as a teenager by her classmates because she was “freak” , Lady Gaga is the symbol of the American self-made woman. Her MVs, real short films filled up with pop culture references, have been viewed over a billion times. Her name has become a brand, has been classified by the Global Language Monitor in the top 10 most frequently used words in fashion on the net and in the press. Time magazine has even voted her as the most influential figure in the arts in 2010.

The young singer has managed in a short time to become a truly international phenomenon. “Lady Gaga captures the current period,” wrote the singer Cindy Lauper in Time magazine. Will the artist who admires Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Andy Warhol disappear after her fifteen minutes of fame? Her highly anticipated second album will give the answer.

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