Ko Kret, a nice getaway from Bangkok

Koh Kret, Bangkok, Thailand

© Damien Bouhours

Ko Kret is an island, created in 1722, in the Chao Phraya River, 20 km north of Bangkok, Thailand. This destination, often unknown to tourists, makes for a great day trip away from the agitation of the City of Angels.

You can reach it either by the once-weekly Chao Phraya Express, which leaves the Central Pier (BTS Saphan Taksin) every Sunday at 09:00 and visits a number of attractions before returning at 15:30 (cost 300 Bahts).
If you want to spend more time there, you can also take a private boat at the pier behind the temple called Wat Sanam Neua (the cost varies with the number of people and embarkations). Most taxis drivers will know how to bring you there.

Once you reach the artificial island, the best way you can travel is by foot. Ko Kret is only 2 square meters and you can wander around its attraction in only few hours. Many water-taxies help you reach different points if you don’t feel like walking.

Attractions in Ko Kret include:

Wat Poramaiyikawat and its museum: This old Mon monastery is constructed in a Burmese style and is a focal point for Thailand’s small Mon community. Its stupa is said to contain the Buddha’s relics.

Chedi mon, the leaning stupa of Ko Kret, is the Nonthaburi equivalent the the Pisa Tower.

–    Phra Wiharn hosts a 9.5 meters long reclining Buddha of the late Ayutthaya period.

–    The island is mostly famous for its pottery workshops producing kwan aman, a style of Mon pottery. From 5 to several thousands bahts, there is a souvenir to purchase for every budget. A museum is also dedicated to this millenary craftsmanship.

–    Ko Kret is known by Thai people for its desserts, both in a Thai and Mon style. Khao Cher, a Mon specialty of rice served with chilled fragrant water and a number of little side dishes, will satisfy your taste buds.

© Damien Bouhours