Air France, dope or not?

airfrance_1975I am French and I have traveled the world. Yet this is the first time I flew with the tricolor airline: Air France. Often too expensive or having flights with non-accommodating schedules, I preferred to use for my flights Bangkok-Paris, the Arabian Airlines (Etihad / Gulf Air) or Thai Airways. A combination of circumstances made me finally embark on a nonstop flight with the code AF. At first glance, the Boeing 777-300 chartered for this route is a new model with very elegant and comfortable marine blue seats. Even in economy, the legroom makes for a pleasant journey.
The food is good but I regret that no choice is offered to passengers. Most international airlines offer at least two options for the menu (chicken or fish? Pasta or beef? …).
Another surprise: the prominence of alcohol on my meal tray. Two mini-bottles enthroned at its center: porto and red wine (of course). I know how the French love their liquor but was it really necessary to display it that way?

In-flight entertainment was really practical and enjoyable. When living abroad, French cinema is not well distributed if compared to American blockbusters, so I was happy to find out that the available French movies were really recent. This has allowed me to watch the latest Michel Gondry: L’écume des jours.

Last remark, and not the least, the level of English of the staff on board isn’t good for a company of this caliber. If a majority of French people were seated in the plane, I felt sorry for the other nationalities on board. The announcements made by the head cabin crew and the pilot throughout the flight were read in a broken English, with a very thick accent. It might sound “romantic” and adds a little “je ne sais quoi” but it’s not really informative. Ooh la la … c’est la vie!

1. The route
2. The comfy and brand new plane
3. Great In flight entertainment

1. Bad english proficiency
2. No food option
3. Alcoholic beverages