K-Pop, why we love it?

Way before Gangnam Style, Korean pop music has been a favorite among Asians but also Westerners. With a multitude of boy and girl bands, K-pop has invaded the web and the radios. But why has it become so popular? Here are 10 reasons why K-Pop is taking over the world.

1. Catchy songs
K-pop has probably the best dance songs ever. Rather you are in the club or wanna jazz up your morning, you will probably have those rhythm stuck in your head.

Shinee – Ring Ding Dong

2. Amazing dance numbers
Those Korean popstars definitely know how to check their booties. Dance numbers are even more impressive when you get 5 to 9 people dancing all together in synch.

Wonder Girls – Be my baby

3.Funny Mvs
Korean bands are known for their awesome music videos, they are often crazy, disturbing or frankly funny.

Super Junior Happy – Cooking Cooking

4. Mixing genres
Putting hip-hop, rap, sweet pop or even punk rock all together? It’s not a problem for K-pop who uses a big bowl of ingredients to make the perfect hit.

JJ Project – Bounce

5. Heartfelt lyrics
When it comes to the lyrics, it is often hard to get what is the real message of those successful songs. If most of the time, the few English words deliver the main message, the lyrics are made to make you dance and not really to touch your heart. Most of the K-pop bands though have one or two tracks with heartfelt lyrics. Careful Adele !

2NE1 – It hurts

6. Fashion icons

K-pop bands are celebrated for their stylish and often avant-garde looks. K-pop is a music to heard and be seen!


Miss A –남자 없이 잘 살아 (I don’t need a man)

7. Cute girls
Of course, the members of K-pop girl bands are careful selected, trained and had a makeover (more or less natural). Those talented singers and dancers could be taken for models or actresses as they are all so beautiful and/or cute.

Girls Generation –Gee

8,9 and 10. Hot guys !
But when it comes to the men,  no doubt about it: they are hot! If most of them have a gothic-chic or even androgynous look (very attractive to their Asian fans), take a closer look to the tough ones. They still master to have a sweet and cute face with a very muscular (and often tattooed) body.  ❤ you Tae Yang !


Big Bang – Monster

Rain – Love song

Super Junior – Sexy, Free & Single