PewDiePie, the new King of YouTube

“How is it going bros? My name is Pew Die Pieeee” This sentence is now cult on YouTube. Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, is the new internet sensation. The 23 years old Swedish YouTuber has just reached the number 1 rank this weekend with 12 millions followers. After 1.400 videos, he has surpassed the American comical duet Smosh.

It is even more impressive when you know that the gamer has only been on the video platform for 2 years and compared to his friends but also competitors, he is the only one operating his channel. His sweet and funny gaming comments, his loving persona, his charisma in his sketch videos and his crazy reactions have made him immensely popular for teenagers (the core viewers of YouTube).

His playlist:

According to Wizdeo, PewDiePie’s channel is the most seen on YouTube with a record of 6 millions views per day since the last 30 days. With an estimation of a 1.000 dollars per million views, PewDiePie’s empire could worth  5 million dollars.


So what now?
The new King of YouTube has decided to use his power for good. PewDiePie has launched two campaigns so that the donations collected from his viewers help to finance indie gamers and to help a charity trying to provide water to developing countries.


Congratulations PewDiePie and Bro fist !