Elodie Frégé, love is in the murmur

10 years after winning the french TV reality show Star Academy, Elodie Frégé is unrecognizable. Her fourth album, Amuse-Bouches, full of charm and sensuality where the vocal prowess is in her warm timbre and roundness of her phrased.

From her album art to the music video of her first single Comment t’appelles-tu ce matin ? (What’s your name this morning ?), The french Marilyn is seducing us and we follow her in her sensual journey. Her suggestive lyrics and whispers are keeping our nerves up.

The young woman has been under the direction of Benjamin Biolay for her second album Le jeu des 7 Erreurs and had already ventured in a retro-erotic-chic opus for the previous album La fille de l’après-midi. Elodie Frégé has co -produced this album with Marc Collin at the initiative of the Nouvelle Vague project. The ambiance is very bossa nova but under the duvet. The texts and melodies are mostly signed by the sublime singer. The covers of La Fille qui fait tchic ti tchic by Gainsbourg and Tu veux ou tu veux pas by Marcel Zanini are sublime.


The songs:

1 – Une Plage
2 – Comment T’appelles-tu Ce Matin ?
3 – Mes Bas
4 – Pique-nique Sur La Lune
5 – La Fille Qui Fait Tchic Ti Tchi
6 – Dans L’escalier
7 – Garce Carbonique
8 – Ta Maladie
9 – Ma Langue De Chat
10 – Ma Bouche
11 – Tu Veux Ou Tu Veux Pas
12 – Perdu (dans l’édition bonus)

My top tracks: La Fille Qui Fait Tchic Ti Tchic, Pique-nique sur la lune, Ta maladie and Perdu.