Bangkok Foodie: Vista Café, Mega Bangna

Feeling guilty after splurging on sweets and heavy meals? Still wanting to explore new shopping options in the huge Mega Bangna hyper mall? You can do both at Vista Café, the first organic spelt and trans-fat free bakery in Thailand, since 2000


How does it look like?

The décor is simple inside, mostly wooden and cozy. The front patio though is very interesting and gives a café terrace feel to the place. In addition to the café, you can also buy some very beautiful (and expensive) kitchen supplies. Each of the 9 Vista Café around Bangkok have different atmospheres, go to check them out!

How do they treat you?

Don’t expect more than your local Starbucks.


How is the food?

If the coffee choices here are pretty standard (though pretty good), the cakes make all the difference. They are all trans-fat free! And to real ease your conscience, a little label let you know all their caloric values. My favorites are certainly the carrot cake and the less traditional zucchini and prune cake. Try out their organic spelt flour cakes. Healthy and tasty!

How much?

Cakes are around 80 bahts for a slice, beverages around 100. It’s an average for a coffee shop franchise but the taste is definitely more than average.



When you are tired of too much shopping, Vista Café is a perfect place to relax and to indulge whilte reflecting upon your next bank account statement. Your wallet will be lighter but you will feel happy and not guilty.

7 out of 10 coffee cups

How to go there?

Vista Café is situated on the 2nd floor of Mega Bangna, not far from Ikea and McDonalds.