Bangkok Foodie: Spoonful Zakka Café, The Portico

Are your taste buds looking for another Japanese inspired cake shop/café? You will be grateful then to visit Spoonful Zakka Café, a little Japanese boutique specialized in handicraft supplies and scones!

How does it look like?
Spoonful Zakka Café is a hidden gem in the Portico mini-mall, on Soi Langsuan. Zakka which means “many things that can give inspiration in daily life” in Japanese is a great pick for the shop part of the boutique.  It has everything from pretty stationary, kitchen utensils to handmade work, in a really cute and crafty Japanese look. The displays are so kawaii that you will probably end up spending a lot! As for the café part (tbs. café), it is just a small space, similar to living space in anyone home’s kitchen. It is cozy and very lovely (I wish MY kitchen’d look like that) but just make sure you come at the right time because the seats can be taken easily, especially on the weekends.

How do they treat you?
As the space is small, there are few staffs but they are friendly and very helpful. You will feel as if you were in Japan but you won’t be lost in translation.


How is the food?
The specialty and signature sweet is scones that you can accompany with tea, coffee or milkshakes. There are also some cakes but they are only few available. They make their own butter and fresh cream. The scones are also all homemade, and as the kitchen is tiny, there is a limited quantity per day. But they are definitely worth it! I had the pleasure to try the lavender ones and the flavor was so subtle and elegant that I transformed for a second into a Downtown Abbey character!


How much?
Spoonful is in a higher range of price than your usual café but they are still reasonable. Count around 200 bahts for scones and a drink. But with that kind of taste and cute atmosphere, you won’t regret about your wallet being lighter.

With such a charming setting and great delicate snacks, It’s the perfect place to hang out with your best friends to catch up on the latest gossips, or to bring your sister to help her on her D.I.Y accessories.  What are you waiting for? そこに行く! (Go there!)

9.5 out of 10 scones

How to go there?