Bangkok Foodie: Secret recipe, Terminal 21

Terminal 21 is probably the best place to hang out with friends for some shopping and (more or less) inexpensive food. Secret Recipe, a famous franchise of sweet and savory meals, is one of the places where you can get your sugar fix.

© Damien Bouhours

© Damien Bouhours

How does it look like? its own identity. As every shop in Terminal 21, its outside décor is dictated by the floor’s ambiance. As we are on the San Francisco level, its exterior has a Chinatown vibe. The inside though sadly doesn’t follow the theme and looks a bit too “sanitized” and cold. Though the paintings on the walls are quite cool.


How do they treat you?

Service is as good as it can be in a franchise. But as the place is never really crowded, it is not a hard task to feel well treated.

© Damien Bouhours

© Damien Bouhours

How is the food?

I haven’t tried their savory menu but in any case Secret recipe is famous for its cakes and especially its cheesecakes (there is an impressive list of this American treat). I have been able to try out several of them but my favorite is still the dark forest with its juicy and meaty cherries and its sweet dark chocolate. As for the drinks, I recommend the hazelnut latte and the frozen lemon tea.

© Damien Bouhours

© Damien Bouhours

How much?

Secret Recipe is pretty cheap. Around 80 bahts for a good slice of cake and around the same for the drink that will clean your palate.



Secret Recipe is a nice enough place to hang out with friends or relatives but it definitely lacks in charm. If you are a cheesecake aficionado then you will have to check it out.

6 out of 10 cheesecakes


How to go there?

Terminal 21 (BTS – Asoke station) 4th Floor