After the flood by Yanawit Kunchaethong


© Damien Bouhours

How to transform what has been damaged into art. Here is the answer of Thai artist Yanawit Kunchaethong.


© Damien Bouhours

In 2011, there was a great flood in Thailand which had devastated peoples life and towns. After the water level reduced, tons of furniture became trash which each family had to throw away. However, there were manu objects which could be recycled in order to increase its value and make it useful again. For instance were those parquets which had been damaged by water. And according to the environnemental awareness of the Yanawit : “If we use woods, we must use them worthily”.


© Damien Bouhours

© Damien Bouhours© Damien Bouhours

Where to see it?
In BACC (opposite MBK, BTS: national stadium), part of the Think exhibition about the use of recycling in art.