ROBOT ART – Alex Kiessling paints in Vienna, London and Berlin at the same time!

Austrian artist Alex Kiessling has created a worldwide art project that no one has ever tried before. Called “Long Distance”, the creation will be displayed in Vienna, London and Berlin. The painter, helped with two robots and an infra-red sensor pen, is drawing in Vienna, and two ABB IRB 4600 industrial machines are getting the movements of his pen,  a signal being sent via satellite to the robots  on Trafalgar Square and Breitscheidplatz, and recreate the same drawing.


The artist, fascinated by technology, has drawn a ‘hybrid head’ – one full face with two half heads on either side. Kiessling said that as he learned to work with the robots, he increasingly questioned the concepts of original and copy. “What are the machines doing, actually?”, he asked during a news conference. “It appeared to me in working with the machines that it was less about a kind of copy and more like a clone”.


To know more about Alex Kiessling’s paintings click on the picture: