Bangkok Foodie: Costa Coffee, Siam Paragon

Another international coffee shop chain has opened in Bangkok: the British Costa Coffee. Will the UK’s biggest player, with its handcrafted Rainforest Alliance-certified brews, have the same success in Thailand?


How does it look like?
The place is cozy and spacious (even though nothing is really that spacious in Siam Paragon). It invites you to sit down and relax while reading the paper or gossiping with friends.
And be proud to walk around with its coffee cups, it has been made using only certified sustainable pulp and vegetable ink.


How do they treat you?
The staff is friendly and speaks good English (a necessity for the international clientele of Siam Paragon). Even though it was crowded, we have been served quite quickly.


How is the food?
Coffee tastes the same as everywhere else (Starbucks, True Coffee, Tom and Tom …) but there is a feel-good for every purchase: you are drinking handcrafted Rainforest Alliance-certified brews.


The range of food is pretty impressive and looks delicious. I just had a macadamia cookie that was tasty and not too rich. As British as the place is, you can even have a British beef Cornish pie.


How much?
Coffee starts at 90 bahts, for the food: the range goes from 65 to 145 bahts.


Costa Coffee is a great alternative to all the other coffee shop chains and with its eco-friendly vibe, you can even enjoy your cup of joe with a side of sustainability.

9 out of 10 coffee cups

How to go there?
Costa Coffee is situated in Siam Paragon, Ground Floor.