Gravity didn’t make me fly…

I have just watched Gravity, the latest movie by director Alfonso Cuarón and even though I was impressed by the film-making, the special effects and the out-of-this-world soundtrack, Sandra Bullock’s acting though brought me back to earth …


The plot
A rookie mission specialist, Doctor Ryan Stone (played by Sandra Bullock) and an almost retired astronaut, Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) have to work together to survive after an accident -debris from a blown up russian sattelite destroyed everything in their way- leaves them adrift in space.

What I thought of it?
First things first: the visual impact of this movie is incredible. The special effects and the soundtrack make you feel as if you are right there flying in the space and watching the beautiful earth from above. I wished I had seen this movie in 3D (or even better 4D), cause I’m sure it really adds to the experience.
The idea of the movie is very unique and cleverly written. After all, nothing is really scarier than being left alone in a situation not really made for human. Or how one human can win over the obstacles standing in her way.


Even though this movie is universally acclaimed, I do feel it missed being the wonderful movie it could have been and for me, it is mostly because of the last 30 minutes of the movie and how Sandra Bullock’s acting doesn’t make the story believable. All her monologues made it hard for me to reach the emotional state, the director wanted us to dive in. She didn’t touch my heart with her heartbreaking past, because I couldn’t feel the emotions she tried to convey. It didn’t ring true and I felt sad not to see George Clooney being the main character of the story. His witty performance though makes for great moments.
I do feel Gravity is a good “action” movie but it failed being a deep and powerful psychological drama, it tried so hard to be. Sandra Bullock talking to herself in a very unnatural way, putting herself in a foetal position as she is magically reborn from her troubled past, using cheesy one liners and unlikely overcoming all the troubles like a true american hero, all those seemed forced and really annoyed me.

If you always wondered how it felt to be in space, run to watch this movie. If you want true and touching acting, enjoy the moments with George Clooney and try to focus on the beauty of the earth and the soundtrack. Miss Bullock, Academy Award or not, for me, should stick to her forte: comedies!