Bangkok Foodie: Doi Chaang, Central Rama 9

It isn’t easy to find a cosy and charming café in Bangkok’ s shopping malls. Doi Chaang though is the perfect place to relax when you head to Central Rama 9. Plus it’s sustainable!


How does it look like?
It looks eclectic, cozy, a bit childish (hello mister Bear!) but in a fun way. It looks crafty and vintagy without looking too old. It’s retro and eco-friendly enough and you can even purchase some of their organic coffee blends and some handicrafts too. You will feel safe and relaxed in this little piece of nostalgia surrounded by restaurants and B2S. And it even got free wifi (so rare in Thailand)!


How do they treat you?
The staff is friendly and it’ s a simple order at the cashier kind of place. The nice touch though is that they come to serve you at your table and with very cute places.


How is the food?
Doi Chaang’s coffee is really good, though we would have hoped for a little stronger dose of caffeine. I loved that my ice latte was very chilled and the milk foam delicious and fluffy.
We also had the chocolate macadamia cake. The sponge cake was moist and the macadamia topping tasty and not too sweet.


How much?
Coffee is around 90 bahts, cake around a 100.


A cool and cozy place to hang out with friends or catch on some work or social networking (thanks for the free wifi!).

There is also a big bonus to this place all the blends from Doi Chaang is “Beyond Fair Trade.” Half of the Canadian company is owned by the Akha Hill Tribe farmers in Northern Thailand. Yummy and sustainable!

9 out of 10 cute

How to go there?
It is located on the last floor of Central Rama 9, just in front B2S.