Bangkok Foodie: Heiroku Sushi, Central Rama 9

If you are craving for sushis, only sushis, but you don’t have enough money to venture to the Thong Lor or Ekkamai joints, head to Heiroku Sushi, a reliable convey belt sushi restaurant.


How does it look like?
Heiroku Sushi has a simple look, black walls and tables, wooden benches and all the color coming from the sushi and other dishes plates. Even though you can order to the waiters, the convey belt makes it much more fun to pick your Japanese treats.


How do they treat you?
Service is friendly but you do have to fight for their attention, especially during peak hours and they get most of the orders wrong or serve them at a nearby table. But you can’t complain too much, there’s no service charge and tea (hot or cold) is free.


How is the food?
Don’t expect the best cut of fish or the most inventive recipes but for the price, you can be delighted by the freshness of the seafood.  I especially love their kimchi scallops, mayo shrimp, the northern style shrimp and the simple salmon sushi.


How much?
Each color of plate means a different price (look below), so you decide how much you want to spend.



If you are on a budget, but you are dying to eat some sushis, with the fun of seeing them passing by, head to any of Heiroku Sushi branches.

8 out of 10 cute sushis

How to go there?

Heiroku Sushi @ Central Plaza Rama 9 (last floor, next to the cinema)

Digital Gateway (on the last floor)

Central World (on the last floor, next to cinema)