Bangkok Foodie: Hong Kong Noodles, Siam Square

If you are craving for some Chinese style noodles (with duck of course!) and simple dumplings at a very reasonable price, there is one address in town that is on every mind: Hong Kong Noodle!


How does it look like?
The colors are vibrant and the decoration street art inspired. The red color of the banquets is waking up your senses even before you get your first bite.


How do they treat you?
The service is very sharp and quick. You get your order in only 1-2 minutes which is the fastest I have experienced in any restaurant.


How is the food?
You come here for the duck noodles and the dumplings, which are simple but still delectable. If I do love those dishes, I also enjoy the Thai flavor influences, such as the yellow curry noodle. You can also get some Thai food such as fried rice or chicken with cashew nuts.


How much?
Count 40 bahts for a plate of dumpling and around 100 baht for a dish, which comes with a soup for the noodles. You can also get a menu which includes a drink for a little bit more.


If you are very hungry after shopping in Siam or MBK, hurry up to Hong Kong noodle. It is cheap, fast and filling.

8 out of 10 rubber ducks

How to go there?
Hong Kong Noodle is located in Siam Square. Here is the map of all the locations :


To know about other branches: