Stromae, Eurêka for his “Racine carrée”


Paul Van Haver, aka Stromae, is a Belgian hip hop/electronic artist. Revealed in 2010 by his song Alors on danse, number one in numerous countries throughout Europe and even remixed by Kanye West, he has just released his new album: Racine Carrée or.  Springling a touch of Belgian craziness on his music, the musical genius is dazzling by his mastership and control over his art.


The first single Papaoutai from his upcoming second album was digitally released on May 13, 2013. It went on to chart number 1 in Belgium and France, number 2 in the Netherlands, as well as number 7 in Germany and Switzerland. Of his music and its influences he has said : ” I was in a little group doing rap music. I thought that rather than copying the French sound, I’d focus on a more American style but give it a European spin. And then I rediscovered 90s Eurodance. For a long time we were ashamed of that sound but in fact there’s a lot to discover, it has its roots in everything from house to salsa. I also really admire Jacques Brel – he has been a huge influence on me – but also all sorts of other stuff, Cuban son, and the Congolese rumba which I heard as a child; that music rocked the whole of Africa.”

His new album is focusing on the question of fatherhood, origins (his father comes from Rwanda) and our society ruled by superficial commercial matters. I really enjoyed this album which is as tight as his production. Stromae is obsessed by rationality and numbers and he controls his concept from A to Z. The clothes he wears for his public appearances or MVs have been designed by him and a designer to show the beauty of mathematical figures. His concerts are amazing and original and even though peculiar his sound has proved to be the new sound of a generation who escapes from reality in clubs and other night illusions.

Though all enjoyable, my favorite songs (besides Papaoutai) for this opus are:

and the most emotional for me, the title about cancer, a music that will make you shiver :