Bangkok Foodie: Sizzler, Central Bangna

With Fuji and Shabushi, Sizzler is probably one of the most wanted restaurants in malls. If you aren’t scared off by the long queue, go enjoy the salad bar and the taste of western dishes.


How does it look like?
Most sizzlers look alike and the one in Central Bangna is no different. It’s all about the rustic American-style tables and wooden décor. Nothing amazing but if you can get the fleeced benches, you are gold.



How do they treat you?
I’ve always enjoyed the service at Sizzler. The waiters are friendly and efficient. And the salad bar is filled up to explosion.  They also give some color pens and a drawing book to kids, which is a nice touch.


How is the food?
It’s difficult to find affordable steaks and other meaty courses in Bangkok, that’s why Sizzler is actually the perfect place to eat when you feel nostalgic of the homeland, but too broke to splurge on the real deal. I like the concept of the fresh salad bar that you can visit as much as you want and for free, if you order any dish. That’s a good way to eat vegetables (for those who usually don’t) and even if only as healthy as your choices, it is always nice to have the choice to be. Products are always fresh and seasoned well. Their mushroom cream soup is delicious!


How much?
It is a bit on the pricey side of the spectrum (from a Thai point of view) but it is a good quality/price deal. They also have cheaper options (one fish/one chicken or one beef): around 250 bahts.


If you want to fill up on nice salads and a good steak (or seafood), don’t hesitate, it’ s family and expats friendly.

8.5 out of 10 steaks

How to go there?
Here are all the locations in Thailand.