Bangkok Foodie: Barista, Major Bowl Sukhumvit


This little café located on the first floor of Major Bowl Sukhumvit, offers a relaxing way to wait for your movie to start.


How does it look like?
The décor is cozy with its nice sofas. There are few seats but it’s never that crowded. The teddy bears hanging out in the shop, make for a childish yet fun atmosphere.


How do they treat you?
The staff is nice and friendly.


How is the food?
I have only had coffee there but the cakes look good enough for a small shop. Coffee is rich and well made, as its name indicates the staff is composed of skillful baristas.


How much?
Coffee starts at 70 Bahts, a bit more pricey than your local shop but still cheaper than Starbucks.


Barista is my favorite place to hang out before watching a movie or simply to have a coffee on the go.

7 out of 10 teddy bears

How to go there?
Barista is located on the first floor of Major Bowl Sukhumvit (BTS Ekamai)