Bangkok Foodie: Roast, SeenSpace Thonglor


Roast is making the buzz in town, with its chic and fun approach to the new Bangkok bistro/café scene. But is it worthy of its reputation and the bill?


How does it look like?
Roast is as trendy as it can get. Wooden tables, a homey feeling but with enough class so that you won’t question how much this meal will cost you. French chic with a Thai warmth. I love the menu developed as a magazine, with trivia and information about the food and beverages.



How do they treat you?
The staff is really helpful and has a perfect command of the English language. They are here to serve you and will do their best. The waiting time to get your food is a bit long, especially if your plate is served 15 minutes after your friend’s came.


How is the food?
I had the surprising iced espresso latte. An ingenious idea combining espresso ice cubes with cold milk to keep the drink chilling without having too much ice in your drink, watering your coffee up.


My crab cake Benedict was delectable but I regret that it wasn’t more substantial.


The beef burger was good enough, but maybe not the best pick from the extensive menu.


How much?
Count over a hundred for drinks and 200-400 for all-day brunch dishes.


Roast is the place to be and it is worth the detour. The prices are a bit high but the food (and especially the coffee) are good enough to make it worth the hassle. I will come back and try out more!

8 out of 10 roast beef


How to go there?

SeenSpace Thonglor 13, Bangkok, Thailand 10110