Bangkok Foodie: Pacamara, Rain Hill

Pacamara is a little café and fine coffee roaster located in Rain Hill community mall. They sell their own blends and coffee equipment. But how is their coffee?


How does it look like?
This place is so cute! Even from the outside, with its decorated windows and steam punk vibe, you can tell that the owner knew that the atmosphere of a café is half of the battle. And here it is all about the mix of wood and metal. There aren’t many places to sit but it is the perfect size for this somehow confidential community mall. I like the fact that you can sit around the counter and watch the barista work its magic.

How do they treat you?
The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, which is really important as the café sells its own roasted blends.


How is the food?
I had the hazelnut frappe. I liked that they sprinkled the beverage with actually hazelnut chunks but the drink itself was too rich and sweet. I should have asked them less syrup but that’s my fault. I appreciate the fact that they have soy milk available, which is not the case in most cafés.
There is only a little selection of cakes but they looks yummy and well highlighted by the display. The Banoffee crepe cake was quite delicious.


How much?
The prices are around the market range: around 80 bahts for drinks and pastries.


It is a nice place to sit around and chit chat with your friends. Next time I will just ask for less sugar.

8 out of 10 coffee machine

How to go there?
You can check out my video: Follow me around: Rain Hill, Bangkok

Chiang Mai : 80/5 Rachadumnoen Rd (ถนนคนเดิน). Mueang Chiang Mai
Tel: 053 327324

Bangkok : @RainHill Retail Mall 777 Sukhumvit 47 Bangkok 10110
Tel : 02 2617830