Bangkok Foodie: Scones by Anotai, Central World

Sweets aren’t difficult to find in Central World. But after all the crepes cakes and other ice creams, what should you try next? Try to go British with some scones.


How does it look like?
Scones by Anotai is a little shop in an open space. The atmosphere isn’t really intimate but the display so British countryside has its charm. The sitting area behind the counter doesn’t offer much seating but the place is never totally full. I really appreciate the fact that there are some plugs available. It is always a plus to be able to recharge your smartphone when you are on the go.


How do they treat you?
The service is cordial and they serve you at your table, which doesn’t happen that often in that kind of spaces.


How is the food?
If 9 flavors of scones are available (see pictures above), I always go back to the same ones: lavender and rose petal. The lavender one is very flavorful but not too powerful. The taste always brings me back memories of Southern France. The rose petal scone has a very elegant but all most too timid flavor. If you put some of the delicious strawberry jam on it, you won’t be able to tell the difference between a original scone and a rose petal one. I also wished more kinds of jams would be available without having to chip in.
As for the hot beverages, my hot latte was satisfying though not exceptionnal.


How much?
You can get a set of 1 scone + coffee or tea for 180 bahts. Otherwise you can purchase them for 45 bahts a piece.


Scones is a nice place to sit and relax after some shopping or to simply have a chat with a friend or your mother. Elegant yet simple, Scones by Anatai would gain a lot from offering more choices and do more seasonal scones or mix in some Thai flavors (a jasmine scone with mango jam would be so delicious!)

8 out of 10  scones

How to go there?
Scones is located on the second floor of Central World (Zen side).