Bangkok Foodie: Tom N Toms Coffee, Bangkok


Bangkok is full of café franchises, most of them being Thai or American. Tom N Toms is one of the few exceptions, with its Korean origins and its pretzel and coffee focus. But is it worthy of your warmest “gamsamida”?


A little bit of history
TOM N TOMS is the global food and beverage franchise company from Korea and with more than 380 outlets over countries in the world.
Since our establishment in 1998, TOM N TOMS has been leading the market with over 160% of annual growth rate and also has been providing unique value based on our deep understandings of customers.

TOM N TOMS arrived at Thailand in 2009 and launched the first shops at K-Village (Sukhumvit 26). In 2010, TOM N TOMS developed and established our infrastructure based on the deep understanding of the market and customers.
From 2012, TOM N TOMS expanded the business and launched further shops in Siam, Surawong, Charoen Nakhon, Pratunam, Hua-Hin and Pattaya. By the end of 2012, TOM N TOMS will launch total 12 shops in Bangkok, Hua-Hin, Pattaya, Chonburi, Chang Mai, Phuket and Hat Yai area. TOM N TOMS is going to launch 50 shops in 2013 to serve our customers and also is going  to launch 200 TOM N TOMS COFFEE shops by 2015 in all over the country.
TOM N TOMS Holdings Co., Ltd. is the head quarter of SE Asia & Pacific market as well as Thailand. By 2015, TOM N TOMS Holdings Co., Ltd also is going to launch 150 shops in SE Asia & Pacific Area.


Managing the quality and safety of our goods and services, expanding the scope of operations as a global player, and fulfilling the roles and responsibilities as a responsible corporate citizen – these are the hidden differentiators determining the real value of TOM N TOMS.


How does it look like?
The place is simple with wooden furniture but I like the different art we can always find on the walls.


How do they treat you?
Service is minimal but polite and friendly. You order at the cashier then wait to pick up your drinks and food. I like the fact though that you don’t need to stand behind the counter and can simply wait at your table for the little beeper they provide you to light up to know when you can go get it.


How is the food?
I have been to different branches of Tom N Toms through Bangkok and I love their TomNccino (a frappe beverage), especially their green mint mocha.
As for the pretzels, the almond one is my favorite and on those colder Bangkok days, they make for a great warm snack.

How much?
Standard prices for that kind of places, around 100-150 for drinks. You can also check out the sets on this picture below.


I really enjoy Tom N Toms Coffee and in these colder times in Bangkok, it is the perfect place to warm up in between your festive activities.

8 out of 10 pretzels

How to go there?
You can check out the different branches by clicking here.