ELEMENT magazine, the first ever ASIA PINK AWARDS


Inaugural Asia Pink Awards 2014, first in the region to celebrate an inclusive Asia, unveils nominees and panellists
While there is the GLAAD Media Awards in the U.S., and the Stonewall Awards in the U.K. The spotlight now turns to Asia as Asia’s train to equality & diversity takes off with the launch of its very own Inaugural Asia Pink Awards 2014.

In March 2014, ELEMENT Magazine,first high-fashioon lifestyle publication dedicated for Asian gay men which was launched a year ago, will be marking its 1st anniversary with the inaugural Asia Pink Awards 2014 held in Singapore. Asia Pink Awards will honour and give recognition to businesses and individuals that have been actively campaigning for diversity and social acceptance of the LGBTQI community in the Asia region. The Awards is supported by ILGA Asia.

Through submissions by both the public and the panelists, a list of nominees had been drawn up and is featured in the 5th issue of ELEMENT Magazine. Announcement was also made on http://www.elementmag.asia/asiapinkawardsnominees/

The Awards are divided into two categories, individuals and businesses, and recipients will be decided by a distinguished panel of judges chaired by Hiro Mizuhara, Associate Publisher of ELEMENT Magazine.
Panel includes Geng Le, founder & CEO of China’s largest LGBT news portal Danlan.org; Leow Yangfa, Editor of I Will Survive, a collection of personal gay, lesbian, bisexual & transgender stories in Singapore; Tris Reid-Smith, Editor and co-founder of Gay Star News;

Speaking on its uniqueness, Mizuhara said, “The distinct flavours that the Asia Pink Awards bring in contrast to similar initiatives in the western hemisphere is that while GLAAD and Stonewall are non-profit oragnisations serving communities that are largely aligned in terms of culture and values. Asia Pink Awards is organised by Element Magazine, a commercial entity, serving a region spanning a diverse collective of countries which are culturally and politically separate. And of course challenges are lying ahead”