Bangkok Foodie: Café Marmalade in the garden, Siam Center


From all the places in Siam Center, Café Marmalade in the garden is one of the most charming. But how is the food?


How does it look like?
I love the vibe of Café Marmalade in the garden. Very British country house. You feel as if you were stepping into the botonical study of a British lord. And even though located right inside a shopping mall, its little hidden spot gives you the feeling you are in a secret garden.


How do they treat you?
The staff is polite and attentive.


How is the food?
I have only been there for coffee and cakes so I can’t really judge their savory menu. I really like their prune cake, as you can’t really find it in many places. Their apple crumble though is way too sweet for my taste. Coffee is good but not out of this world.


How much?
Prices are standard around a hundred baht for most items (cakes and beverages). Double the price for savory items.


I really enjoy the easy going yet elegant vibe of the place and I will definitely bring my family or a business meeting here.

7 out of 10 gardens

How to go there?

Café Marmalade on the garden is located in Siam Center, 3rd floor.