Bangkok Foodie: สวัสดีบางกอกม, Megabangna


When every restaurant is packed in Megabangna for lunch time, there is one little place which is amazingly quiet: สวัสดีบางกอกม (Sawasdee Bangkok). Hidden gem or total failure? Check out my review!


How does it look like?
There is something so Thai in a cheesy but happy way about the décor. It is as colorful as a backup dancer in a Lakorn music video. And what do say about the tuk-tuk table? Nothing except it’s amazing!


How do they treat you?
Service is quite efficient as there are not many customers around. I like the fact that they give you a free little snack (spicy vermicelli noodles with tofu and soy bean) while you wait for your food.


How is the food?
We had the occasion to go twice to this location and to experience different dishes. My favorite by far its their fried chicken Hat Yai style (with spicy sauce and crispy onion). It is delicious!
Pad Thai is also good and perfect for those who are afraid of spicy Thai food.
Their chicken macaroni are also quite yummy. I have never tried long macaronis as mostly you get them in small pieces. Technically they should call them long macaroni or maccheroncini.
The Thai style chicken fried rice or Khao Pad gai, is pretty generic though not bad. Presentation though is worthy of a picture.
I also enjoyed the traditional Thai dishes : Thai sour curry with Shrimps or Kaeng Som Goong and also some  red curry beef with eggplant. The curries tasted graet but too bad that the eggplants were really tough and uneatable.


How much?
This place is a chain made for locals and it is quite cheap for a restaurant in a mall. All dishes are around 80 to 100 bahts.

I really don’t know why สวัสดีบางกอกม doesn’t appeal to MegaBangna customers. It is a cute and delicious place to have lunch.

8 out of 10 tuktuks

How to go there?
It is on the roundabout of restaurants outside of MegaBanga’s ground floor, right next to Black Canyon Coffee.