Looking, what else could I be looking for?

Looking has just finished its first season. And I seriously can’t wait for the next one!

The new HBO series created by Michael Lannan is said to both channel Girls and Sex and the City with a definite and proud gay and San Franciscan vibe. But the series isn’t about gay life as much as it is about friendship, love, sex, career; and the transcendent idea that between your 30’s and 40’s you are still looking for who you truly are. This show is about us. Poeple who are just trying to make it, no matter how hard it can get, and still having fun trying to figure things out.

The big question is: Can you stop the motion and face the man in the mirror and see him for who he is? Someone who is too afraid to love and accept another for who he isn’t. Someone who defined himself in the eyes of others. Someone who is too proud and cynical to see his dreams shatter.


Patrick, Dom and Agustin are imperfect. You might even hate them at times. But much like some Golden Girls they often refer to as a wink to their gay fandom, it’s their humor and their mistakes that make us want to be their friend and handle with them the obstacles and gifts that life throw at them. This show is intelligent and its emotions ring true. And if Looking is amazingly written and shot (San Francisco has never been better portrayed, except maybe in Armistead Maupin’s beautiful book series), it is the talented and ravishingly beautiful cast who makes everything just so damn succulent.

They deserve to be explicitly mentioned:

Jonathan Groff as Patrick Murray
Frankie J. Álvarez as Agustín
Murray Bartlett as Dom
Raúl Castillo as Richie Donado (who is for me the big revelation of the show, and probably my biggest crush)
Lauren Weedman as Doris
Russell Tovey as Kevin Matheson
O. T. Fagbenle as Frank
Scott Bakula as Lynn
Andrew Law as Owen

Looking isn’t boring. It is subtle and sexy.
Looking isn’t gay. It is universal and thought-provoking.
Looking isn’t over. But I just can’t wait for Season 2! (with longer and more episodes … please?!?)