Bangkok Foodie: Dak Galbi, Central Plaza Bang Na


From Korea to our stomachs, Dak Galbi is bringing Korean flavors and a unique experience to Thailand. But does this unique restaurant experience worth the trip?

A little history
Dak Galbi has been created in the 1960’s in Korea by a chef who wanted to create a healthy dish for soldiers. Check out the cute animations on their website to know more about their history in Korea and in Thailand.


How does it look like?
You are first attracted by the very Korean façade. It looks vibrant and inviting. Inside though it is sadly less exciting, though I like the red brick walls. The tables are huge and give you some space to put all your dishes.


How do they treat you?
There are two points to be made:
– The menu is hard to read and it’s not easy to understand how to actually order your food. No one could speak English in this restaurant. I always try to see if they can understand English before I switch to Thai. But this time I just saw that the two people taking our orders just knew few words and were even gossiping about us while doing it. Very bad! Then no one was around to ask for the bill.
-The person who is actually cooking your meal in front of you is very polite and friendly. Which makes the experience much better.


How is the food?
I actually enjoyed my spicy beef galbi. As for the chicken and seafood galbi (non-spicy version) I felt was way too sweet. And as it is very copious, you better be starving!


How much?
It is a bit pricey for what it is some vegetables, meat and a special sauce.

It is a nice experience to put on an apron and see someone cooking your food in front of you. Food is enjoyable if you are really hungry and want to share some simple food with your friends. It would be so much better though if service was efficient, or simply just friendly. I will try this place again but in another branch.

6 out of 10 dak galbi

How to go there?
Dak Galbi is located on the 5th floor of the Central Plaza Bangna

Other branches:
-Dak Galbi@ Siam Square Tel: 02-623-4224
-Dak Galbi@ CentralPlaza Ladprao 1st Floor Tel: 02-937-1778
-Dak Galbi@ Future Park Rangsit G Floor Tel: 02-958-5577
-Dak Galbi@ CentralPlaza Rama9 7th Floor Tel: 02-160-3451
-Dak Galbi Head Office Tel: 02-713-5455