Bangkok Foodie: True Love Café, Neverland Siberians, Ari

Do you like the concept of cat cafes but don’t really care for feline love? Why don’t go looking for True Love and pet some adorable Huskies in the meantime!


How does it look like?
From the outside, it just looks like a little house at the end of a soi. The space inside the house it quite cute and got several little husky fluffy toys. The outside patio is lovely and every table has its own fan to keep the customer fresh in those hot Bangkok temperatures. The Café is adjacent to the dog house where is actually located their main activity : the breed center.


How do they treat you?
The staff is friendly and efficient. It is too bad though that the little introduction before going to spend time with the dogs was only delivered in Thai.
I did though really enjoyed that 1 hour and a half I had with those lovely huskies. You can feed them ice cubes, pet them and of course take tons of pictures.


How is the food?
It is pretty basic. To be able to go hang out with the dogs, you’ve got to either take a dessert or a snack set. I had the dessert set and if the cake (tiramisu) was good enough, I was disappointed by the selection of beverages. It is actually just coming out of a machine that you can find in most food courts.


How much?
It isn’t expensive for the service and the activity you get out of it. 250 bahts + taxes for the dessert set, a little bit more for the snack one. I wouldn’t mind to pay more if they would serve their own drinks.


I won’t come back for the food but definitely for the experience! Those fluffy dogs are the cutest!

8 out of 10 Huskies

How to go there?

153 Soi Ari Samphan 2 (at the end of the soi), near BTS Ari
Open hours:
Tue – Sun: 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Try to book before hand and come just before the time dogs come out (3 times per day)