Bangkok Foodie: Laliart Coffee, Ari

I was walking back from True Love Neverland Siberians and I have found this little coffee shop located inside the retro-feel Tokyobike shop. Laliart Coffee is a little treasure hidden in soi Ari 2.


How does it look like?
Laliart Coffee is inside a bike shop so the space reserved for the coffee lovers is quite small (there is an outdoor table setting though). I do love the vibe of the place. The barista area with some homemade sweet treats, the coffee related product section and the very arty wooden bar stools and chairs are all really cozy and inspiring.


How do they treat you?
Service is great and knowledgeable about their products.


How is the food?
We just had an ice latte and a mocha, but it was so refreshing to taste some actual coffee for once. Far from the usual coffee served by cafe franchises, you can taste the experience of both the brewer and the barista.


I will definitely come back on a Tuesday or a Sunday (sadly the only two days when it’s opened). And I hope to be able to try their delicious homemade desserts.

9 out of 10 vintage bikes

How to go there?
This little café is located inside the very trendy Tokyobike shop in Ari Soi 2.

Opening hours:
Tue: 10:00 am – 6:30 pm
Sun: 10:00 am – 6:30 pm

Facebook page :