King Taksin Shrine, Near Wat Intharam, Thonburi, Bangkok

King Taksin Shrine is located inside the area of Wat Intharam Worawihan, it is one of the four largest shrines of Somdet Phra Chao Taskin the Great.


In the Thonburi area, there are large number of people who come to worship the shrine, especially on Saturday and Sunday, on Chinese New Year, or on the annual celebration of the temple, and especially on the 28th December of every year (the day on which his Majesty was crowned).


The King Taksin the Great passed away for more than 200 years, but the Thai people still have an attachment to him. The feelings and respect towards the King have changed from one who was a great warrior and a liberator to be the scared one who will now protect the Kingdom. He is a national hero, a symbol of bravery, a man of self-scrifice who redeemed the country. Therefore, King Taksin Shrine brings much consolation to the Thai people especially for those who live in the Thon Buri Area.