Bangkok Foodie: タルト Taruto, Gateway Ekkamai (updated)

タルト Taruto is a Japanese tart bakery shop located in Gateway Ekkamai, the Japanese themed mall. Are the pastries as yummy as they look?


How does it look like?
Taruto is a little place in Gateway Ekkamai, adjacent to Tadaima (you can actually order cake from that place too). It looks like a modern Japanese place should: wooden, comfy armchairs and colorful murals.


How do they treat you?
The staff is polite, doesn’t speak much English but enough to get your orders right. The place is quite empty at the moment with the protest so the service is really quick.


The banoffee


The multifruit

the Hokkaido milk tart

the Hokkaido milk tart

How is the food?
As the name suggests, Taruto is specialized in tarts but instead of the French heavier crème patissière, there is a fluffy Japanese style cream under the different fruit slices. I also like that the biscuit base is very light but still crumbly. We had the mixed fruit and the banana choc tarts. We didn’t get the set but if you have a bigger appetite you can get for a little bit extra some whipped cream and ice cream.
As for the beverages we had some mango tea (I appreciate that there is so much types of teas and fruity infusions available) and some hot latte, which were both great.



How much?
You can check the prices with the picture under but the tarts are around a hundred baht, had some more for the sets. The beverages are around a hundred as well.


I really like this place for a sweet treat for which you won’t feel too guilty afterwards.

9 out of 10 tarts


How to go there?

Taruto is located on the ground floor of Gateway Ekkamai (BTS Ekkamai)