Tokyo Foodie: Streamer Coffee Company, Shibuya


Not a coffee shop, an institution! Streamer Coffee Company is one of the most famous coffee shops in Japan. Celebrated for its succulent latte and the art that comes with.

A little history
Streamer Coffee Company opened in Shibuya, Tokyo in April 2010. Our goal is not only to serve the world’s best latte, but also to grow and succeed together with the people of the world by treasuring relationships with each and everyone who come across us.
Owner barista, Hiroshi Sawada, was the first Asian to become a world champion, achieved with the highest score in history at the “2008 Free Pour Latte Art Championships” held in Seattle, USA.
Hiroshi and all our Streamer Baristas value the personal relationships of people through offering the world’s highest level of latte art, quality coffee, and unparalleled experience at our cafes


How does it look like?
I love the atmosphere of Streamer. It is trendy and people sipping their coffee are too. It looks cozy but industrial. It looks clean but not clinical. I love their merchandising too.


How do they treat you?
Service is efficient but not really friendly. Too cool for school? Too famous to try more?


How is the food?
Their latte is exceptional and you won’t be disappointed. The latte art is their trademark and stays classic in its form. We also had their coconut and cinnamon muffin. It tasted good but it was on the dry side. We didn’t have any plate to put it on (nor any ustensil) and got crumbs all over our table.


I will come back for the coffee. Just for the coffee.

8 out of 10 latte art

How to go there?

Here are the three different locations : Shibuya, Harajuku and Osaka