Tokyo Foodie: Kua’Aina Burger, Solamachi


Say “Koo-a eye-na”. This Hawaiian burger joint, located in Tokyo Solamachi (Tokyo Sky Tree Tower) will “aloha” your taste-buds. Simple but delicious.


A little history
“Kua ‘Aina” translates literally as the “back country” but is more usually used to describe an awkward or unsophisticated person from the country (a country bumpkin or hick). For native Hawaiians it refers more to those who actively lived Hawaiian culture and kept the spirit of the land alive.

Origins: Kua ’Aina has several establishments in Japan, which are based on the original restaurant on Hawaii’s North Shore which opened in 1975. In Hawaii the restaurant has been serving its famous burgers and succulent chargrilled sandwiches to the locals and visitors alike for over 35 years. It’s also no secret that the delicious burgers are one of President Obama’s favourites when he drops by to his home state. There is now a second Kua ‘Aina in Honolulu and, since 1997, seventeen (so far) Kua ‘Aina restaurants have been opened in and around Tokyo


How does it look like?
You can’t get more Hawaiian than that!


How do they treat you?
Service is polite, speaks good English and is efficient. Even though you order on arrival, your food comes to your table.


How is the food?
I had the B Set: cheeseburger with an ice latte. The burger is simple but very tasty, the meat is juice and the charcoal grilled onion brings out great flavors. The pommes frites are crispy and not too greasy. The latte wasn’t great but there is an extensive selection of beverages, such as grapefruit juice.


I love the atmosphere and the delicious burgers.

9 out of 10 Hula dolls


How to go there?
Kua’Aina Burger is located on the first floor of Tokyo Solamachi