Lisbon Foodie: Ministerium Cantina, Praça do Comercio

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When strolling around Lisbon and its walking streets, have a bite on the gorgeous Praça do Comercio. One place caught my attention: Ministerium Cantina.


How does it look like?

I love the terrace. Perfect for a sunny day.


How do they treat you?

The staff is wonderful. Attentive, professional and smiley.

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How is the food?

We had the Portuguese coffee, a sweet and spicy coffee. Delicious. A pulled pork sandwich with pickled apple slices and an onion jam, too much sauce but still good. And a very tasty veal sandwich with Dijon mustard.


We had a great lunch in this trendy but still affordable cantina. I would definitely come back on a sunny day.

How to go there?
Ministerium Cantina is located on Praça do Comercio, near Lisboa Story Center.

Check out their facebook page