France Foodie: La Mère Poulard Café, Mont-Saint-Michel

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In beautiful Mont-Saint-Michel, you will want to relax after climbing up your way to the Abbey. If you don’t want to have a full meal but want to have a taste of the famous Mère Poulard’s omelet, then try out their café, or maybe don’t…

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How does it look like?
The Café is quite cute but you need to be upstairs to enjoy the view from the terrace.


How do they treat you?
Service was really poor. We had to wait a really long time to get the menus, then to get our order taken and then to get served. Everyone in the café was in the same situation. We almost left. They were also wrong with one of the order. The staff was really useless and not friendly at all.

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How is the food?
We tried their famous omelet but this time their sweet version (caramel apple and banana). Its steam milk-like texture was surprising but quite delicious and light. Their little chocolate crêpes rolls were nice.

It could have been an enjoyable experience (thanks to the food) if the staff was qualified or even just friendly.

5 out of 10 Mont-Saint-Michel

How to go there?