Bangkok Foodie: Mono+Mono, Sukhumvit 24

The original was in New York, but Mono+Mono is now in Bangkok. Its Korean fried chicken has been featured as one of 7 best fried chicken in the world from But is it that good?


How does it look like?
I really love the atmosphere. Very bistro like. It is a great place to bring your friends but also cute enough to have a first date.

How do they treat you?
Service is polite and efficient.


How is the food?
I really LOVED their chicken. I am not surprised it is so famous. It is served with fries and pickles. The fries sadly were way too salty. The pickled vegetables were great and refreshing. We also had their soft shell crab bun and their oyster bun. Sadly again it was too aggressively seasoned and greasy. The New York blue soda was refreshing.
See the whole menu here


Mono+Mono is all about the chicken and it is worth the visit just for that. I really wish they used MUCH less salt and spices on their bun and fries. But maybe I just had a bad batch.

6 out of 10 chickens

How to go there?