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Thailand Political Developments – Where not to go on this Dec. 1st

Many expats and tourists can be frightened by the current demonstrations in Thailand and especially in the Thai Capital. Here is a release from Tourism Authority of Thailand: The ongoing anti-government protests in… Continue reading

OECD – How’s Life ?

The OECD has published the second edition of its study: “How’s life? ” To establish the well-being of populations. While the global economic crisis has had a significant impact on the quality of… Continue reading

Norway, Winter Wonderland, Cruising #Goingplaces, vol 16 (December 2013)

Here is my article on winter in Norway, in the new edition of Cruising Magazine, #Going Places, (December 2013). Go check it out!

KUWAIT – A medical test to screen gay expats?

The Director of Public Health at the Kuwait health ministry, Yousuf Mindkar, would like to ask expats flying into Kuwait’s International Airport to undergo a test that would figure out their sexual orientation.… Continue reading

Industry – Mexico can now compete with China

Will “Made in Mexico” be on every label in the next few years?  According to Boston Consulting Group, Mexico is becoming a very interesting destination for companies who want a cheaper labor. China,… Continue reading

Hong Kong, the most expensive country to start a business, Singapore the cheapest

According to the last worldwide survey conducted by international real estate firm Savills, Hong Kong is again in 2013 the most expensive country to settle a foreign company in. You need to prepare… Continue reading

Which country is the happiest in the World ?

Who are the happiest people in the world? The UN-sponsored World Happiness Report 2013 answers this question by evaluating a number of social and economic indicators taken from 2010 to 2012. It ranked… Continue reading

Melbourne, where life is at its best

According to a survey conducted in August by a company of The Economist Group, Melbourne is the nicest city in the world. Damascus, the less livable. Among the 10 cities whose quality of… Continue reading

Bon 14 juillet à tous ! Happy French National Day !

The coconut résumé syndrom

Australia, Brazil, Thailand, Mexico, California, Mediterranean coast, … so many destinations that make salivating with envy the tourists around the world. But if some benefit of the coconut trees and beautiful sandy beaches,… Continue reading

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